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June 8, 2021

Does laser tattoo removal treatment hurt?

Image showing a tattoo immediately after laser treatment

The truth ...

We would be lying if we said laser tattoo removal was completely pain free – we wish it was!

Other companies promote "pain-free" laser treatments, but if you consider that the laser is shattering the ink particles in your tattoo - there's is always going to be some level of pain. Cooling machines and ice packs do take the edge off the sensation, but unless you have a general anaesthetic you will feel the treatment.

How we help you

Both of us have had laser treatment on our tattoos, so we understand exactly what you are going through. We try our best to make the treatment as comfortable as possible. We can use cool packs, we can chat to you to take your mind off it, and we have plenty of stressballs and squishies for you to squeeze. Many of our clients find that sucking on a lolly or chewing gum helps as well.

Does numbing cream really work for laser treatments?

To be honest, the jury's out on the use of numbing cream.

Some clients swear by it, and won't have a laser session if they've forgotten to put it on, others don't think it makes any difference.

Numbing cream does not affect the treatment or the healing process, but it can make it more comfortable for you.  

If you find your laser sessions very painful, have a chat with us and we can tell you about which numbing cream that our clients have found to be most effective.

How to use numbing cream properly

It's really important that the numbing cream is applied correctly - otherwise you will have wasted your money.

Here's our top tips:

  • Put the numbing cream on at least 60-90 minutes before your laser session
  • Put a thick layer over your tattoo
  • Make sure the whole tattoo is covered with the cream (especially the edges)
  • Wrap the area loosely in clingfilm and tape it to stop it moving around
  • Keep the numbing cream on until you get to the studio - we'll take it off for you just before your treatment

What does laser treatment actually feel like?

We have heard lots of different descriptions of what the treatment feels like to our clients.

The most common descriptions are: 

  • Elastic bands snapping against the skin 
  • Hot fat spitting at the skin 
  • A hot pin being jabbed at the skin 

Most of our clients have never had laser treatment before, so have no idea what to expect when they sit in our chairs for the first time.

The first shot with the laser always makes people jump - because it's a completely different sensation than they have ever felt before.

Almost every single client tells us that it's not as bad as they thought it was going to be!

The treatment itself is a lot quicker than when you had the tattoo originally put on and the discomfort stops almost immediately after the laser hits the ink. Let's admit it - tattoos are very uncomfortable to have, so if you can sit through that process you will have no problems with laser treatment.  

Still have questions?

If you'd like to know more why not give us a call on 07539 279 355 or email us at ask@the-missing-ink.co.uk