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July 4, 2021

The importance of researching where you have laser treatment

Image of how a tattoo looks immediately after a laser session

Committing to the process

Deciding to get a tattoo removed or faded down for a cover-up, is a big commitment.

You will be spending a significant amount of time and money having laser treatment and looking after your fading tattoo between sessions.

Unfortunately, laser treatment is not a "quick fix" - it requires patience and absolute trust in your laser technician.

Please do your research

We urge everyone considering tattoo removal to really do their research into who they are going to trust their skin and money to.

A Google search of "tattoo removal near me" will bring up loads of companies offering fast, cheap, pain-free laser treatment.

Look a little deeper into the companies that are listed:

  • Have they paid to come at the top of the results?
  • Do they specialise in laser treatment or do they offer many other services?
  • What are clients saying about the service?
  • Have they got lots of examples of their lasering work or are they using stock/Photoshopped images?
  • What qualifications do they have?
  • How long have they been in business?

Unfortunately there are many businesses out there who have not had the relevant training required to not only be qualified to treat tattoos, but they will also not be insured.

They basically just want your money and are not focused on getting you the results you want with your treatment.

You may read about the machine a company is using, and they could pretty much sell you the machine as the best thing since sliced bread, but the technicians using the machine are equally as important.

Technicians who perform numerous other aesthetic treatments and maybe only laser tattoos once or twice a week, cannot develop the experience of working on hundreds of tattoos.

Tattoo fading and removal is all we do

We are proud to say that we specialise in laser tattoo removal - we do not offer any other treatments, this is what we do day in day out.

Ask lots of questions!

Remember that it's your skin and your money that you're trusting a company with.

Get in contact with a few companies and ask lots of questions about the tattoo removal process:

  • How many clients have you treated?
  • What sorts of tattoos do you work on?
  • Do you offer no-obligation consultations?
  • If I want to go ahead, do you perform test patches? (this is so important - if you're not offered a test patch steer clear!)
  • Are you fully qualified and insured?

Getting answers to these sorts of questions should give you a feel for the company and help you decide where to go.

Don't fall for the sales pitch!

We understand that when we are reading information about laser treatment, watching videos and seeing photos it is easy for us to spot red flags, as we are qualified and this is our profession.

However, it is easy to fall for a sales pitch if you do not completely understand how tattoo removal works.

We are more than happy to explain the process to potential clients and answer any questions they may have - there is no such thing as a silly question!

In fact, we love it when clients fire loads of questions at us - we could bore you stupid with what we know about tattoo removal!

The importance of client confidentiality and confidence in our service

During your consultation with us, we ask if you give us permission to use photographs of your tattoos on our website and social media.

We never share any photos without permission and we only share photos of the tattoos, not the clients, and we will never tag our clients in any posts.

We completely respect confidentiality and understand that not everyone is comfortable having photos of their tattoo on our business accounts.

We believe that sharing realistic photos and videos of our work is the best way to represent what we do.

You may see videos online that look really impressive and the treatments look extremely fast. Most of these videos are enhanced and sped up!

The same goes for before and after photos. We never edit our photos - we want to show the true results of our work as we are very proud of what we do!

All of our followers, likes and reviews are genuine - we never pay for adverts so that we come top on Google, or purchase thousands of fake followers on our Instagram.

We pride ourselves on being completely upfront and honest with every client we speak to - if we don’t feel that we can get you the results you are after, we will tell you and advise you on a different route you may need to take. We also work continuously behind the scenes updating our website and social media accounts to keep everything fresh and up to date to give everyone doing their research an accurate representation of our work.

Still have questions?

If you'd like to know more why not give us a call on 07539 279 355 or email us at ask@the-missing-ink.co.uk